Jumuah Prayer on Campus

There are 3 Jumuah prayers offered on campus. Two are offered in Hart House back to back at the same location, while one is offered in the Multifaith Centre.  The Jumuah prayer schedule is subject to change due to special holidays/other circumstances where less Jumuah prayers may be available. Please consult the website and Facebook page for updates on the schedule.

Start TimeLocationKhateeb/Speaker
1:20 pmMulti Faith Centre, Main Activity HallUstadh Amjad Tarsin
1:20 pmHart House Debates RoomShaykh Faraz Rabbani
2:20 pmHart House Debates RoomBr. Rizwan Mohammad

Coming Soon! Join us at the Bahen Musalla for a short enlightening and energizing reminder (Khatira) every day after Dhuhr (12:45 PM)!