LetterName of RestaurantDescriptionPrice
ADaddyo's Pasta & Salads·Only Halal Chicken
·Waited Service
BVeda Restaurant·Fast Food$
CPita Q Restaurant·Dine In or Take Out$
DSarah’s Shawarma & Falafel·Dine In or Take Out$
ESteak & Cheese & Quick Pita Restaurant·Dine In or Take Out$
FThe Burgernator·Kensington, warm atmosphere, unique$$
GSammy’s Student Exchange·Some Chicken is Halal (look for sign)$$
HPopeyes·Machine slaughtered chicken$
IHero Certified Burgers·Turkey is not halal$$
JHero Certified Burgers·Turkey is not halal$$
KBurrito Planet·Feeling Mexican?$$
LSlice of New York Restaurant·Pizza and Wings and Strombolis!$$
MParamount·Shish Tawook, ‘nough said.
·Great sit-in restaurant
NAli Baba’s·Shawarmas Franchise whenever you need one$
ORobarts Library Café·Select Halal options. Shawarmas while studying$
PBig Al’s Flyin’ Philys·New joint in Kensington. All sandwiches named after rappers$$
QVeda at MFC·Fast Food$
RThe SAJ Pizza & Wrap·Have you own 10’ personal pizza$$
SSomethin 2 Talk About·Order online
·So many different kinds of sandwiches!
TNando’s Flame-Grilled Chicken·Peri-Peri Chicken$$$
UInnis Café·Halal Jerk Chicken for your Caribbean Vibes$$
VHoward Ferguson Dining Hall (Fung)·Changing variety of halal options, like Chicken Pasta!$
WBurrito Bandidos·Chicken is Halal
·Large portions!
XSizzler Kabab·Everything is Halal
·Pakistani cuisine
YHero Certified Burgers·Turkey is not halal$$
ZElchi Chai Shop·Everything is Halal$$

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