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20 Ways to Improve Your Prayer

February 28, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Course Description:

Of the acts of worship that Muslims have to perform on a daily basis, salah is the most essential of them all. This prophetic ritual that we perform is a conversation between ourselves and Allah(swt) filled with beautiful statements of remembrance and wisdom five times a day. It is very common for us to miss out on the opportunity to fully grasp the benefit of prayer. In this journey of truly attaining this benefit while performing prayer with an attentive and tranquil heart, it means that we have to do our best to understand not just the literal meaning, but also the deeper spiritual benefit of why we utter specific words and phrases in our salah.

Turn your salah into an experience! Take this journey and change the way you communicate with Allah. Join us for the powerful class on how we can improve our prayer with Shaykh Aarij Anwer

Instructor Bio:

Imam Aarij Anwer was born in Karachi, Pakistan and moved to Toronto, Canada at the age of 13. He grew up like any other immigrant kid: aspiring to get into the best university and to have a good career. He enrolled in the University of Waterloo’s Computer Science program, where he met people who changed his life. These folks introduced him to an academic study of Islam and the Qur’an unlike he’d ever experienced growing up. Naturally gravitating towards it, this began the journey of seeking religious knowledge: attending lectures, learning how to read the Qur’an properly, memorizing the meanings and the words of the ayaat became the focus of life.

Upon graduation and a brief stint in tech, he decided to quit the industry and begin formal religious training. He travelled to Alexandria, Egypt to study Arabic in 2009 and memorized the Qur’an. Even though he was in Egypt for 6 months, he managed to secure the most vital part of a student’s journey: finding the right teacher and mentor to guide your studies. He began studying under Sh Muhammad Helmi – starting with the basics all the way to advanced topics – and has not ceased doing so till today.

Under Sh Muhammad Helmi’s guidance, he enrolled in and completed BA in Fiqh and Usool from Al-Madinah International University. Currently, he studies advanced Arabic and fiqh with Sh Muhammad. He also reads hadith to Sh Hamed Ahmed from Al-Azhar.

Imam Aarij currently serves the Rexdale community of Toronto by teaching, lecturing and counselling at two mosques in the area: Masjid Khalid Bin Walid and Masjid IMO. One of the most notable programs that he’s conducted in the community is called “Ramadan With Qur’an”, which is a cover to cover translation of the Qur’an daily in Ramadan.

He is married with three daughters. In his free time, he loves to read about, watch and play basketball (despite having multiple knees and ankle injuries!).




February 28, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Bahen Centre for Information Technology
40 St George St
Toronto, ON M5S 2E4 Canada
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