Elections Timeline Feb-Mar 2017

It’s that time of year again!
The Spring 2017 Elections Committee is excited to announce Executive Nominations for the 2017-2018 Term are now open!
A candidate requires two nominators in order to be nominated to the Executive. The nominator and seconders of nominations must both be General Members of MSA. All candidates must be U. of T. members (i.e. students, staff, faculty, alumni).

NOTICE: The By-Elections for the VP Communications and Secretary Positions will be  held as follows:

        • The Candidate’s forum will be held on Tuesday Mar 28
        • Polling will be held on Thursday Mar 31 and Friday Mar 31
            • Details TBA

NOTICE: Polling stations now open.

Wednesday Mar 22:

Robarts Library:  1 – 7 pm

Gerstein Library: 3- 7 pm

Thursday Mar 23:

Robarts Library:  12 – 6 pm

Gerstein Library: 3- 7 pm

Emmanuel College (Pos/Pre SoulFood): 5-8 pm

Friday Mar 24:

Multi Faith Center: 1-3 pm

Hart House: 1-4 pm

Final Nominees:

PresidentAmmar ElAmir
Ammara Wasim
Amir Aboguddah
Vice President FinanceGulru Inan
Vice President InternalAmal Hirole
Bilal Hassan
Vice President Student LifeAreeg El-Sayed
Mubeena Rahman
Vice President Social AdvancementSalma Hussein
Vice President ExternalHebah Masood
Vice President Communications
There are no candidates for the positions of Secretary and Vice President Communications.
These positions will be elected by by-election in the coming weeks.

Position Descriptions:


The President is responsible for the overall unity and consistency of the organization. S/he provides oversight, advice and assistance to all aspects of the organization – from the executive level to the general volunteer & member level. Matters pertaining to the organization as a whole, collaboration with external groups, or communication with the administration generally involve the president in addition to other individuals.

Main responsibilities:

      • Supporting executives, directors, and members
      • Guiding the direction of the organization
      • Preserving the Muslim identity and practice


The title “Secretary” refers to a secret-keeper, a store of knowledge. The role is an administrative one, but in order to fulfill it I’ve found myself seeking and accessing information on the activities of various MSA Committees, being constantly informed of the diversity of initiatives happening within the MSA. The information that you seek out in supporting these various initiatives also becomes immensely helpful as you navigate this massive and decentralized institution, as you’ll find yourself becoming increasingly resourceful. Who doesn’t want to spend a year seeking out U of T’s best kept secrets, all in the pursuit of supporting the Muslim community on campus?

Main Responsibilities:

      • Facilitating council and executives meetings, including preparing agenda and minutes
      • Booking rooms and facilities for events, excluding Jumaah spaces
      • Keeping up with Ulife requirements for space, recognition, and accreditation

Vice President Communications

The Vice President of Communications is responsible for the image of the MSA. This includes supervising the website management and development and managing the various social media outlets of the MSA, including Facebook, Twitter and the email newsletter. S/he coordinates and assists with the activities of the directors within the communications portfolio, which are related to publications, website management, photography and publications. The VP of Communications also approves all press releases and advertisements. S/he is also deals with inquiries to the MSA and forwards these to the appropriate people.
You may want to get in touch when you would like help with getting an event or initiative promoted, or if you have ideas/questions/concerns around the image of the MSA.

Vice President External

The role of the VP External is to implement and strengthen our relationship with other student clubs within University of Toronto, the U of T Administration, and the wider community. The VP External acts as a representative for the MSA in external functions, and portraying the MSA in a positive manner. They facilitate the work of the Academic Affairs and Outreach directorships, two that are expected to benefit the Muslim community within U of T and the broader communities we are a part of. In addition, the VP External oversees and maintains the MSA Alumni Society database. Local activism and advocacy work within the community are initiatives the VP External should be involved in and proactive about.
You may want to get in touch when you have any external collaborations you’d like to see the MSA involved in, any local advocacy campaigns, or a relationship you think the MSA should strengthen.

Vice President Finance

The VP Finance is an important position where the executive has a direct oversight of all the directorships within the MSA. As a result, he/she is responsible for all the financial activity that occurs within the organization. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, budgeting, securing funds, reporting, reimbursements etc. Furthermore, the MSA has to deal with donations from the community, a significant amount of funding from the University and UTSU, and other sponsorships so it is incumbent that all finances are accounted for and optimally priced. Of course, it goes without saying that when dealing with money; honesty, integrity and transparency are essential to the character of this individual. In addition, the executive should possess concrete problem-solving and communication skills to deal with any situation that arises in their term. Moreover, the VP Finance is responsible over three directorships: Accounts, Fundraising, and Orphan Sponsorship Program; thus leadership skills are an absolute must to work and engage with each of the different directorships with their unique individual responsibilities.

Main responsibilities:

      • Budgeting
      • Securing funds
      • Leadership and Problem-solving
      • Analysis and Reporting
      • Reimbursing

Vice President Internal

The Vice-President Internal is essentially in charge of the religious academic and spiritual needs of students on campus. This person facilitates the work of both directors: Religious Education and Religious Services. He/she helps to provide quality religious education programming on campus such as but not limited to, halaqas, lectures, and seminars. This person also handles the facilitation of basic religious services on campus such as organizing Jumuah prayers (Friday prayers) and Khateebs, maintaining prayer spaces, and ensuring that Halal food options are available on campus. Building a sense of community is important, especially for students on such a large campus, and this role provides that very opportunity, to not only join but help form and build a community- where gaining students’ feedback is important for growth. This person will also have the opportunity to work with The Muslim Chaplaincy, along with speakers from other organizations to bring about educational programming and Jumuah Prayers. To help promote unity and inclusivity, building friendships and bonds, increasing spiritual awareness and growth, that is what we strive for. A position such as this requires leadership and social skills, along with organization and time management. All in all, it is a blessed experience. If you feel this speaks to you, then Internal is where you should be!

Main responsibilities:

      • Providing support and guidance for directors initiatives and Jumuah
      • Linking the MSA & the Muslim Chaplaincy (and other contacts)
      • Generating students feedback & action to meet religious and educational needs on campus

Vice President Social Advancement

The VP Social Advancement oversees activities and projects that relate to social justice initiatives ranging from the local to the global scale. This person has knowledge on social justice issues and can direct you to resources to learn more. They would connect with other organizations that do social justice or equity work on and off-campus.

Specific roles include:

      • Work with directors to establish year plan and budget
      • Oversee and assist in coordinating logistics for social justice-based events
      • Liaise with community organizations on collaborative initiatives

Vice President Student Life

The Vice-President Student Life has the unique and blessed role of actively working to sow seeds of friendship, sisterhood and brotherhood among the students at U of T. To be successful in this role, one is required to be an excellent listener; committed to values such as inclusivity, unconditional positive regard, the golden rule and smiling in the face of one’s brother (as per the Prophetic example); and be passionate about creating the social atmospheres that bring people together. Furthermore, one must have excellent organizational skills, and the humility and openness to developing one’s personal skills and to learn from various individuals in the community. If you feel that you have something to offer your community, sign up! Both you and the MSA will be better off, I promise you!

Main responsibilities:

      • Support three directorships in all aspects of event planning, from setting weekly meetings to discuss event planning progress to being present on the day of to provide logistical support.
      • Coordinate with MSA executive to ensure that events align with MSA values, to engage with members of the community and support community projects, and to assist in the skills development of all members of the MSA.
      • Assist the executive team in their respective duties and work to ensure higher-level organization and the progress of the Muslim Students’ Association as a campus and community organization.