The President is responsible for the overall unity and consistency of the organization. S/he provides oversight, advice and assistance to all aspects of the organization - from the executive level to the general volunteer & member level. Matters pertaining to the organization as a whole, collaboration with external groups, or communication with the administration generally involve the president in addition to other individuals.
You may want to get in touch when you need advice, support, or simply a helping hand for whatever task you face.



The Secretary is responsible for facilitating administrative aspects of the organization including meetings. This individual also acts as a resource for executives and directors looking for information about anything relating to administrative matters, resources available to us as a club, or logistics including and beyond events. Room bookings go through the Secretary.
You may want to get in touch when you need to book rooms or get help with logistics, to get tips on best organizational practices, to find out when the executives may be meeting, or if google just doesn’t know.

Vice President Communications


The Vice President of Communications is responsible for the image of the MSA. This includes supervising the website management and development and managing the various social media outlets of the MSA, including Facebook, Twitter and the email newsletter. S/he coordinates and assists with the activities of the directors within the communications portfolio, which are related to publications, website management, photography and publications. The VP of Communications also approves all press releases and advertisements. S/he is also deals with inquiries to the MSA and forwards these to the appropriate people.
You may want to get in touch when you would like help with getting an event or initiative promoted, or if you have ideas/questions/concerns around the image of the MSA.

Communications’ Committees

<a id="Webmaster"></a>Webmaster



The webmaster is responsible for keeping the website up to date and helping out other committees with their websites when needed.

<a id="TMV"></a>The Muslim Voice

The Muslim Voice


The Muslim Voice Magazine is a platform that largely serves the voices of the student Muslim community. It is an outlet for creative expression, intellectual dialogue, and constructive thought.

<a id="Photography"></a>Photography



A team of experienced and enthusiastic photographers working together to document the MSA life, one image at a time.

<a id="Graphic_Design"></a>Graphic Design

Graphic Design


A team of creative individuals here to make our events speak to you through design. To boldly go where no graphic has gone before.

Vice President External


The role of the VP External is to implement and strengthen our relationship with other student clubs within University of Toronto, the U of T Administration, and the wider community. The VP External acts as a representative for the MSA in external functions, and portraying the MSA in a positive manner. They facilitate the work of the Academic Affairs and Outreach directorships, two that are expected to benefit the Muslim community within U of T and the broader communities we are a part of. In addition, the VP External oversees and maintains the MSA Alumni Society database. Local activism and advocacy work within the community are initiatives the VP External should be involved in and proactive about.
You may want to get in touch when you have any external collaborations you’d like to see the MSA involved in, any local advocacy campaigns, or a relationship you think the MSA should strengthen.

External’s Committees

<a id="Academic_Affairs"></a>Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs


The Academic Affairs Directorship is responsible for helping you succeed in your academic life at UofT.
The directorship does so by holding various events such as networking fairs, graduate school information sessions and mentorship programmes for undergraduate students through senior undergraduates, graduate students and professionals working in the workplace.

<a id="Outreach"></a>Outreach



The outreach directorship reaches out to the Muslim and non-Muslim community, fostering discussion about Islam and Muslims and creating awareness about services on campus.

Vice President Finance


The VP Finance is responsible for all financial matters of the club. They are the go to person when considering expenses for an event. The VP Finance is responsible of giving reimbursements, but holds the right to decline reimbursing expenses that were not consulted about beforehand. In addition, any bank or PayPal transactions will be done through them. They oversee three directorships: Accounts, Fundraising, and the Orphan Sponsorship Program.
You may want to get in touch when preparing the budget and before even thinking of making a purchase, and after making an approved purchase to get your reimbursement.

Finance’s Committees

<a id="Accounts"></a>Accounts



The accounts director records the day to day financial transactions, ensures that all information is tabulated correctly and assists the VP finance in preparing financial statements for the club.

<a id="Fundraising"></a>Fundraising



The fundraising committee provides alternative forms of funding for the MSA by creating and maintaining relations with local businesses.

<a id="Orphan_Sponsorship_Program"></a>Orphan Sponsorship Program

Orphan Sponsorship Program


Orphan Sponsorship Program was founded in 2003. Its ambition is to raise awareness about the plight of orphans and raise funds to provide for their basic necessities including food, shelter, clothing and education so that one day these children can grow up to contribute to the development and success of their own communities.

Vice President Internal


The Vice-President Internal is in charge of providing quality religious education programming on campus such as halaqas, lectures, and seminars. This person also handles the provision of basic religious services on campus such as organizing Jummah prayers, maintaining prayer spaces on campus, and ensuring that Halal food options are available on campus.
You may want to get in touch when you have concerns, thoughts, or ideas regarding religious education programming or religious services on campus.

Internal’s Committees

<a id="Religious_Education"></a>Religious Education

Religious Education


Religious Education by the Muslim Students’ Association at the University of Toronto focuses on enhancing students’ knowledge about Islam as well as providing more information to those who wish to learn more about it. Islamic education paired with students’ degrees gives context for application of both sources of knowledge.

<a id="Religious_Services"></a>Religious Services

Religious Services


Religious Services is responsible for the coordination of daily and Friday prayers, the use of prayer spaces, and specific religious Muslim needs on campus

Vice President Social Advancement


The VP Social Advancement oversees activities and projects that relate to social justice initiatives ranging from the local to the global scale. This person has knowledge on social justice issues and can direct you to resources to learn more. They would connect with other organizations that do social justice or equity work on and off-campus.
You may want to get in touch when you want to integrate a social justice aspect to an event or project.

Social Advancement’s Committees

<a id="Community_Affairs"></a>Community Affairs

Community Affairs


This directorship upholds the Islamic teachings of community servitude, aiming to educate the student body about local social justice issues through active volunteerism, collaborating with other campus groups of similar goals.

<a id="Students_For_World_Justice"></a>Students For World Justice

Students For World Justice


This committee aims to bring students closer to issues occurring globally through its events. We do so through documentary screenings, workshops, panel discussions, humanitarian dinners and art exhibitions. Our events all help educate the student body and advocate for global causes where possible.

Vice President Student Life


The Vice President Student Life oversees committees that work to build social connections among members. These include work to put together smaller regular events by the Brothers’ Events and Sisters’ Events directorships, and less frequent major events that are coordinated by the Special Events director and committee. This role is a key part in building and strengthening our community on campus and creating an open space where everyone feels welcome.
You may want to get in touch when you have ideas or feedback on social programming.

Student Life’s Committees

<a id="Special_Events"></a>Special Events

Special Events


The Special Events Committee is responsible for organizing four major events throughout the school year which include Frosh Week, Eid Dinner, Ski Trip, and the End of Year Dinner.

<a id="Brothers_Events"></a>Brothers’ Events

Brothers’ Events


The Brothers’ Events Committee seeks to provide opportunities for brothers to participate together in activities, discussions and other such things in other in social settings, be it sports, a meal or even studies!

<a id="Sisters_Events"></a>Sisters’ Events

Sisters’ Events


Sisters Events’ is a home away from home, where you not only build lasting friendships but also stay connected with amazing individuals and your deen. Our Events and Socials are comprised of great ways to keep you active and give you the ability to create everlasting memories. We hope to welcome you soon!